Soccer for Beginning Kickers
U3/U4 - 18 months to 47 months

A Special Focus on early Skill Development and Fun

Sessions are on Saturdays and are 30 minutes.  

Offered in partnership by UK Soccer Coaching, trainers run the camp sessions with a variety of fun activities to increase motor skills and soccer familiarization.

Participate with your child!

Don't just give your child to someone else to have all the fun.
Play with your child to develop motor and soccer skills 
under the supervision of US Soccer Coaching trainers.

Parent Participation
Players and parents are supervised by a professional soccer trainer from US Soccer Coaching in fun activities.  Join your child on the field.  A parent is required to register as a volunteer (your volunteer duty is to be with your child and participate) and watch the online, 20 minute, Safe Haven webinar.  Parents that have taken Safe Haven in the past do not need to repeat.

Instruction in a small group setting.
UK Soccer Coaching instructors and trainers are hand-picked.  In addition to outstanding credentials as trainers, all are CPR and first-aid trained, and AYSO Safe Haven certified.  

Soccer Instruction Tailored to Children
Key motor, balance and skill activity are developed in an age-appropriate fun session with a variety of activities.  Instruction at each age matches the Palo Alto AYSO learning program, designed for physical, psychological and emotional development of the children.

A Palo Alto park with a play structure and public restrooms.

The Kicker Program is offered in the spring and fall.  The program runs roughly from mid-March through May, and from September through November.  Saturday mornings only.

 Program  Age Range
 Start Time  Where
 U3-U4  18-47 months early am TBA

Note:  This program is not an official AYSO program, and is offered by Palo Alto AYSO's partner, UK Soccer Coaching.  It is not a part of the AYSO curriculum, but is a great complement to it for the Kicker age group.  Primary liability insurance and service delivery is the responsibility of UK Soccer Coaching.

Sign Up

By registering your child and paying your fees you are agreeing to register as a volunteer to be with your child on the field, 
and watch the 20 minute Safe Haven webinar.  

Some instructions during the registration process applies to older children, not to Kickers.  Please ignore that information.