Kinder League is for Under-5 & Under-6 Players

4 and 5 Year Old Children

Don't just give your child to someone else to have all the fun!

Be with your child on the field and participate!

Kinder league meets on Saturdays for 1 hour of fun and games. 

 You may choose from a morning or afternoon session when there are sufficient teams
to divide the group.  Otherwise, players will meet in the afternoon.

If you have another child playing in an older division, 
choose the afternoon session to avoid morning schedule conflicts.

There are two tournament days, at the middle and at the end of the season.

The Kinder League is a gentle and fun introduction to organized group athletic activity and the game of soccer, with individual drills for training, and small-sided, informal games.  AYSO's small-sided informal games are designed to provide the most fun, more touches on the ball, higher level of participation by each player, and a more understandable game by the young minds.  Teams are generally 10 players, which split in half for games and play 3v3 or 4v4 each session.
The sessions are divided into three, 20 minute parts, including 3 minute water breaks in-between.  The first part is a skill teaching drill.  The second is a series of child's games, such as Simon Sez or Red Light-Green Light, modified to include the soccer skill they have just trained on.  The third part is a soccer game.
Teams are co-ed in U5, and divided by gender in U6.  You may apply for your child to "play up" if your child is kinder age but you feel your child is more advanced, or is in 1st grade, and can enjoy the faster pace of the U8 teams.  If your child has been playing soccer in another program, has played in our Kinder Program before, is athletic for their age, and you feel they could take on the demands of twice a week training plus a game on the weekend, you may request that they play up, by sending an email to

Parent Participation
At the Kinder level, a parent is required to remain at the field with their child, must register as a volunteer, and may be called upon by the coach to help with field tasks such as watching for the ball going out of bounds. The parents will join in the fun and be shown how to call direction, like an Assistant Referee.  You and your family may participate together in AYSO at all ages of player.  In Kinder, it is required.  In later years, it is optional, but always available to you to participate, as coach, referee, or Team Manager, or other team support function.  At least one parent of each kinder must register as a volunteer and take our online, 30 minute Safe Haven, webinar.  Joining your child on the field creates a liability for Palo Alto AYSO and you.  We provide insurance, included with your registration fees, for all registered volunteers.  Sorry, but we can't let you or your child on the field until this is completed.  While registering your child, on the Volunteer page, check the box titled, +Kinder Parent and choose the morning, afternoon, or either session. 

AYSO Trains Parent Coaches and Referees
AYSO will train you for your volunteered coach or referee assignments.  AYSO training is USSF certified.  

Specific dates for registration and play 
are in the Regional Calendar and on our Home Page.

Spring Kinder League usually begins in mid-March and continues through to the weekend prior to Memorial Day.

Fall Kinder League begins after Labor Day and continues until the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Each player will be issued a two-color, reversible jersey.  The jersey is to be returned at the end of the season.  See the subject, Parents - On Game Day, to the right.

If you have any questions please email

Coach's Corner

  • Review Game Day
  • Know your TEAM # and home field ahead of time.
  • Arrive 30 minutes early.
  • Brief clinic at the field with the instructions for that day.
  • Be sure to wear your coach jersey.
  • Set up your goals.
  • Receive parents/players.
  • If kids arrive early, start them doing a fun drill.  Don't bore them waiting for everyone to arrive.