B - Coaching AYSO

AYSO stands for American Youth Soccer Organization.  The AYSO was founded in 1954.  The Palo Alto Region was formed in 1972.  

The AYSO pioneered the development of the age-appropriate soccer play for youth.  Starting with specialized rules, field organization, skill presentation, game development and coach preparation, and leading all the way to the full laws of the game at U10 and full strategy of the game at U14, AYSO has the program to take kids and volunteer coaches all the way.

When you coach your neighbor's kids, interact with your neighbor referee volunteers, coach volunteers, and administrative volunteers, you are developing community, and are a part of a valuable community asset, the Palo Alto AYSO.  Thank you.

Six philosophies guide the AYSO.  In your coaching, when you follow these philosophies you will be delivering the best possible experience for our young players.  

  1. Everyone Plays.  Anyone who signs up for AYSO soccer is guaranteed play time.  In Palo Alto, kids play at least 3/4 of the game.  In this kinder division everyone does the drills, plays the soccer games, and plays in the scrimmages.  This philosophy applies to the parents’ participation as well.  You noticed in your registration packet, AYSO asked you to volunteer in some capacity.  Palo Alto AYSO runs exclusively on volunteers. 
  2. Balanced Teams.  The teams are formed with the objective to balance the talent n each teams.  This gives each team a chance to experience winning as well as playing.  In Kinder league, you scrimmage with your own players and will try and provide everyone that chance to "win". 
  3. Positive Coaching.  Your team will be comprised of players that may have never seen a soccer ball and some that can kick the ball and place it where they want.  In all your drills and games, you want to find each child doing something right and encourage them with your praise.  This positive coaching will reinforce desired behavior, e.g. sharing the ball, and outcomes. 
  4. Open Registration.  Anyone can join and play.  No one is rejected for lack of skill. 
  5. Good Sportsmanship.  AYSO wants to create a positive environment based on mutual respect, rather than a win at all costs attitude.  So, no referee calls are challenged and all participants treat each other with respect.  You are the role model.  How you handle the disappointments, how to be a good teammate, and how you handle referee calls you don't like, will guide your players in their behavior. 
  6. Player Development. It's not just about soccer skills, it's about social development, emotional development and learning to follow directions and cooperate in a team.