C - Important Players

Important players includes our volunteers, contributing their skills and time, getting trained, instructing, and basically creating a community within a community, dedicated to bringing soccer fun and development to children.

Ensures the program runs smoothly, plans overall agenda and appoints Commissioners in fall program.  In the spring, the Producer also performs as the Commissioner.  kinder@ayso26.org

The Commissioner’s responsibility is to appoint the coaches and assign the players to teams.  Please refer any problems, issues, or change requests to the boys’ or girls’ Division Commissioner at.  b6@ayso26.orgg6@ayso26.org or u5@ayso26.org.  AYSO does not allow any adds, moves, or changes in team assignments to occur without the Commissioner’s approval.   
As coach, your job is to run the practice session, teach, and manage the 'games'.  

Kinder League does not utilize referees however the referee becomes a necessary volunteer position in older leagues.  There is a separate training and certification program for referees. 

This AYSO leadership and Kinder Commissioners makes sure that you have 1) uniforms, 2) balls, fields, cones and 3) nets.  These people work year round so that we can play. 

In Kinder League, parents are a big deal at the soccer field!  They bring your player to games; remind their child to wear the shin guards; help their child with the drills, bring snacks and help illustrate good sportsmanship through their behavior.  It is mandatory that an adult stay with the child during Kinder session.