Kinder Instep Kick

The instep kick is used to kick the ball and, as players get older, for long passes and shots on goal. 

Instep Kick – Basics 

Prepare Plant Leg (supporting, non-kicking foot)
  • Place support foot next to the ball pointed in general direction of target (distance from ball will depend on height of the player). 
  • Bend knee slightly. 
  • All weight should be on plant foot. 
  • Use arms out to sides for balance. 

Prepare Striking (kicking) Leg 

  • Bend knee (cock lower leg). 
  • Withdraw leg straight back at hip. 
  • Lock ankle back and down with toes pointed down. 

Striking Movement 

  • Body should be over the ball, moving forward. 
  • Keep eyes on ball. 
  • Set plant knee over ball (eye-knee-ball in line). 
  • Move thigh of striking leg forward (whip action). 
  • Strike the center of the ball on the instep (“laces” of the shoes). 
  • Follow through—move leg straight through toward target: 
  • Pull leg straight through while maintaining balance. 
    • Lower body as leg rises.
    • Follow through and lift knee. 
    • Step out of the kick.

Coaching Points - Before having players strike the ball,

  • Have them practice planting their foot in the proper place.
  • Have them practice swinging their leg and foot straight back and forth, ensuring proper body and leg movement.
  • Have several parents sit down with legs out in front and secure the ball with their feet.  Have each player stand with plant foot in proper position and strike lightly until they begin to hit the ball solidly.

Instep Kick –Common Errors And Corrections 
  • Plant foot is too far in front, behind or away from ball and/or not pointed in general direction of target. 
    • Review proper technique with player(s). 
  • Knee(s) are locked, not bent. 
    • Review proper technique with player(s). 
  • Ankle is not locked and toes are not pointed. 
    • Lock ankle, point toes. 
  • Ball is stabbed or jabbed. 
    • Encourage player to follow through. 
  • Leg is swung across the body instead of toward the target. 
    • Encourage player to withdraw leg straight back and follow through straight toward target.