Kinder Throw In

A throw-in is used to restart the game after the entire ball has crossed the touch line, whether on the ground or in the air.

Throw-In – Basics

To execute a proper throw-in, the player must:
  • Face the field of play. 
  • Have part of each foot on the ground, either on or behind the touchline when the ball is released. 
  • Use both hands and deliver the ball from behind and over the head in one continuous motion. 
  • Hold the ball evenly in both hands (hands should be slightly apart). 
  • Feet must be kept on the ground until ball is released.

Throw-In – Coaching Points

  • The thrower may not play the ball a second time until it is touched by another player. 
  • Your team should try to maintain possession when executing a throw-in. 
  • Get the parents involved! Have each one of your players execute a throw-in by making a throw-in to a parent. 
  • Have each player continue to make throw-ins while you circulate and correct.


Make sure your feet stay on the ground 
ON OR BEHIND the touchline.