G - Game Day

Have fun!     Foster an interest in sports, being a member of a team, wearing a cool uniform, and pass on some basic information about soccer.  

COACH – be sure to wear your jersey and bring your nets, balls and cones.

  • 25 minutes before  start
    • attend daily clinic at end of field, includes the days drills
  • 10 minutes before start 
    • organize your players
    • the fields are marked as explained in this diagram
    • find your team number on the corner flags.
      • yellow - 5c
      • pink - g6
      • blue -b6
    • inspect your field for hazards such as doggie leave-behinds, banana peels, etc
  • 10 minutes before start – prepare for player and parent arrivals.  
    • pick a parent to help organize
    • smile
    • as players arrive, let them dribble to warm up
    • introduce yourself

Start Time – Get players attention and assemble them on the field

3:30   Warm-up should include stretches, and dribbling.  Remember to involve a soccer ball in each of the exercises.  Include the parents in this activity.   Making it into a game, such as chase a parent while dribbling, will make it more fun!  Stretching with a soccer ball adds to the challenge and is fun.

3:35   Skill Building.   Each week focus on a new skill as shown in the list below, demonstrate it, and then everyone does it.   This age group is not ready for long teaching sessions, so the demonstration and teaching should be quick.  
  1. Dribbling/Passing 
  2. Dribbling/Shooting 
  3. Dribbling/Defense 
  4. Defense/Intercepting 
  5. Shooting/Throw-ins 
  6. Protecting the ball from those pesky defenders while dribbling
  7. More of the same
3:40 Skill building drills with fun games.  Play a “skill-game” to reinforce the skill you just taught. (15 minutes)

3:55   Water Break and talking about game, get players divided into two squads, red and blue.

4:00   Scrimmage.  see the Game.

4:30   Team Cheer and Snacks