Coach Says

Skill: Dribbling 

Number Of Players Required: Full U-6 team 

Equipment: Four or more cones to mark grid, one ball for each player 

Grid Requirement: 20 X 20 yards 

Organization: Create a 20 X 20 yard grid marked with cones. All players are required to stay in the grid and each player must have their own soccer ball. 

How The Game Is Played: The coach will explain that he or she will tell the players exactly what he would like the players to do.  Like: STOP, START, SIT DOWN, SIT ON BALL, ONE FOOT ON BALL, SPEED UP, SLOW DOWN, ELBOW ON BALL, and so on.  They must only react if “Coach Says” precedes the direction.  Players should continue old activity if “Coach Says” did not precede direction. 

Variations: None