Train: One Pin Bowling

Skill: Dribbling 

Number Of Players Required: Kinder Training Group 

Equipment: 10 or more cones to mark grid, 2 balls for each player and a cone for each player. 

Grid Requirement: 10 X 10 yard grid 

Organization: Create a 10 X 10 yard grid marked with cones. Place each player across from a cone with a ball placed on the cone located at the mid point of the grid. 

How The Game Is Played: One at a time each player tries to knock the ball of the cone directly in line with her. Let each player try it once before you start over from player 1. After each player has attempted five shots, the player who has knocked the most balls off the cone is the winner. 

Deviations: Have players strike the ball with the left and right foot. Change the distance that the balls are away from the players. Try to get all five balls at the end of the grid by the end of the training session.