Pac Woman

Skill: Dribbling 

Number Of Players Required: Kinder Training Group 

Equipment: 4 or more cones to mark grid, 1 ball for each player 

Grid Requirement: 20 X 20 yard grid 

Organization: Create a 20 X 20 yard grid marked with cones. All players are required to play within the grid and each player must have a soccer ball. 

How The Game Is Played: the Pac Woman chases the players. Any player that dribbles outside the grid or has their ball kicked outside the grid by the Pac Woman, becomes the Pac Woman, the initial Pac Women will use the ball of the player who dibbled out of the grid or whose ball was kicked out of the grid. 

Deviations: Allow players to only use left foot, right foot, outside of R or L, or use inside of both feet. Ensure that the Pac-woman plays at speed.