Target Practice Two

Skill: Passing/Shooting 

Number Of Players Required: Kinder Training Group 

Equipment: 4 cones to mark grid and 6 cones to place soccer balls on, 7 or 8 soccer balls. 

Grid Requirement: 20 X 20 yard grid 

Organization: Create a 20 X 20 yard grid marked with cones. Place 5 or 6 cones with soccer ball on top of them randomly within the grid. 

How The Game Is Played: One at a time each player tries to knock a ball off of the cones one ball at a time. After a miss the coach resets the balls and next player is up. Players can shoot from any place on the line. The first player to knock all six balls of the cones is the winner. 

Deviations: Allow players to only use left foot, right foot, or the outside of R or L. Inside R or L. Instep R or L.