The Mosquito

Skill: Passing and Shooting 

Number Of Players Required: Full Kinder team 

Equipment: Four cones to mark grid, one ball for each player. 

Grid Requirement: 15 X 15 yard grid 

Organization: Create a 15 X 15 yard grid marked with cones. Place all players (exterminators) on one end of the grid with a ball 
at their feet. Coach (the Mosquito) will center himself at a midpoint of the grid. 

How The Game Is Played: The Mosquito will dash (as best he can) across the grid trying to avoid being hit with the balls that the 
exterminators are shooting at him. Ball should be played on the ground. Before heading back to the starting point, the coach will 
allow the players to collect their ball and line up on the other side of the grid for one more go at the Mosquito. 

Variations: Tell players which foot to use.