Kinder Golf

Skill: Passing 

Number Of Players Required: Full Kinder Team 

Equipment: 12 or more pro cones to mark the grid with and one soccer ball per player. 

Grid Requirement: 25 X 25 yard grid with the center circle of a field some place in the grid. 

Organization: Create a 25 X 25 yard grid marked with pro cones around the center circle of the field. All players with a soccer ball at their feet will be located outside of the grid. 

How The Game Is Played: Each player will attempt to strike his or her ball with correct pace so that it stops within the center circle. 
The first player to play five balls that stop within the grid will be declared the winner. 

Variations: Increase the size of the grid. Decrease the size of the circle. Change the location of the circle or the players.