Week 1 - Dribbling

Reminder List
  • no pre-session clinic this first day
  • you need a parent to get and setup your corner flags
  • you need 4 parents to act as line refs during the game
  • remind all parents that each family is required to register a volunteer

Coaching Points - Review Dribbling Instruction
  • Use all parts of the foot
  • Keep the ball close
  • Keep toe pointed down
  • Each step touches ball
  • Multiple changes of direction using both feet
  • Dribble with inside and outside of foot
 Morning Afternoon Activity
  3:30-3:40 Drill 1 - Coach Says
  3:43-3:56Drill 2 - One, Two, Three, Red Light
  4:00-4:30Scrimmage, on this first day, divide your team in half and scrimmage on your own field.  Make sure everyone gets fair time.
  4:30Team Cheer