U16 & U19, Madison League


Coach Manual

Download a PDF of the Intermediate or Advanced Coach manual from our training site, http://training.ayso26.org.  Information on these web pages supersede information in the manual.

After logging into the training site look at the drop down menu for MANUALS.
Players in the Under-16 Division are 14 or 15 years old by Jan 1.  Players in the Under-19 Division are 16, 17, or 18 years old by Jan 1.  Teams generally have 14-18 players on the roster. 

These divisions play teams in the Madison League, which includes teams from AYSO regions in Area 2A; Portola Valley, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, and Menlo Park, and other areas from San Carlos to West San Jose.  Games are on Sundays for these divisions.  


All U16 and U19 coaches must be registered as a volunteer (annual requirement), have completed Safe Haven (one-time requirement) and have completed the Advanced Coaches Course. 

The Madison League website is located at: http://www.ayso2a.org/under-16-19-madison-league

Madison League plays free substitution. See the Madison League site for specific substitution rules.  Coaches, please assure that every player on your roster plays the Palo Alto AYSO minimum of 75% of the game.  You will need to bring 1) a printed lineup card and 2) a free substitution card to every match.  You will also provide a Time Monitor to check the opposing team to make sure they are playing every player at least 50% of the match.  A copy of the time monitor card is attached to this page.
At the end of every match, coaches need to give the referee the substitution sheets.  

Detailed instructions

Simple instructions:
  1. Bring a time monitor card to the match already filled out for your team. An version of this card is attached.
  2. Exchange time monitor cards with the opposing team before the match.
  3. Make sure that teams are on the same side of the field OR that you have your time monitor on the same side as the opposing team. (having teams on the same side of the field facilitates this)
  4. Bring a pencil, much easier to correct an error on the card!
  5. At the start of the match. Note the opposing players who are out. Mark an X for each one in column "0". Also note the players on the card who are absent "A". Check with the coach on any of the absent players, as they might show up during the match. If they are really absent (not coming to the match), nothing further is necessary to mark on the card. 
  6. Every five minutes for the duration of the match, note the opposing players who are out. Do not be distracted by players coming in and out of the game. It would help greatly if all the players who are out sat down near the middle of the field to facilitate time monitoring!
  7. If a player is injured during the game, make a note of it with an "I". 
  8. At the end of the match, add up the blank boxes and the X boxes. The blank should be more than the X. If not, please report this to the referee. It might be close...this is not a perfect system, but close is probably ok since we are only marking every five minutes.
  9. The coaches will meet at the end of the match to compare time cards and ensure AYSO player requirements were met.
  10. Time cards are to be left with the referee.