U14G Area 2A Tournament
 first weekend in December

Teams are ranked by the Area
 from the regular season to compete in the Tournament

Team Check-In will be at each location.  
All teams must check in before proceeding to their game.
All coaches are responsible to know the Check-in Procedure.

This Sheet will be updated during the Tournament.  Click the link to view it.
2018: We are using the Alternative Rain Schedule in the spreadsheet

General Information
We wish for our players and parents to have lots of fun at the Tournament. It is a time for competitiveness, but amongst our AYSO friends. We have a great reputation for fun competition. It is a legacy we want to build on and promote.  The Tournament Director will manage the day's activities, keep track of points earned during the day, and resolve any issues.  The Tournament Directors decision is final on all matters.

Game and Field Assignments

The game times and field assignments are viewable in the score sheet above.  It will be updated throughout the day.  There may be delays in posting results as we await reports from referees or resolve issues.


Check-in by each team is done by the Field Marshal at the check-in station, including the safety check.  The Field Marshal shall be wearing an easily identifiable pinnie.  All players must be assembled at least 20 minutes prior to their game for check-in by the Field Marshal.

Tournament Format

The Tournament is two days with ten teams from Area 2A participating.  Reference the Area 2A web site for the rankings. 

The Tournament will consist of pool play on Saturday leading to a championship round on Sunday.  The teams will be divided into two pools and the teams distributed according to the season rankings.  The top two finishers in each pool will advance to the Championship Round, semi-final.  The top finishers of the semi-finals will compete for 1st place, and the 2nd finishers from the semi-finals will compete for 3rd place.  All four championship teams will receive Tournament Medals.

Saturday Pool Play Game Format
Each team will play 4 half games on Saturday. In order for us to successfully keep the tournament flowing without disruption, it is critical that all games start punctually.  Games will start and end punctually.  Teams will need to clear off the field quickly.  We appreciate everyone's help in making this tournament run smooth.

Substitutions may be made half way through each period, for 30 seconds.  Players not being substituted should stay on the field to resume play promptly.  Lost time due to slow restarts, injuries, slow substitutions, are simply, lost time.  The clock does not stop.  Coaches need to have their substitutions ready to go and not dally.  Keeper substitutions are permitted, but should be made as quickly as possible.

Teams should sit on one side of the field and spectators on the opposite side.  Post game snacks should occur away from the team section of the field.

Policies of AYSO apply to the games, including the requirement that every player must play at least one half of each game.  Some regions require their teams to observe the 3/4 rule of play.  Such teams should comply with their region's stipulation.

Section Tournament

One team from each division, including the G14 division advances to the Section Tournament.  Sometimes, 2 advance, depending on Section lottery.

Full Details of Area Rules are Here !