Referee Information

Referee Field Assignments
Throughout the day, the game results will be posted online at Area 2A Tournament Score Sheet.  Self assign to game slots at this page.  Click "Referee Booking" tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet, and write your name into the beige or yellow referee slots.

Referee Check-In & Game Cards

Referees check in at least 15 minutes prior to their first game assignment by phoning +1 (650) 735-1493, when they reach their assigned field.  For each game, the coach will supply a game card initialed by the Field Marshal, confirming the team has already been safety checked and the roster confirmed.  At the end of each game, the referee calls the phone number, +1(650) 735-1493 and report the game results.  Leave a message, stating your name, field, game time, the two teams competing, the score, and any cautions or send-offs.  Any game remarks requiring tournament official follow-up should also be noted.