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Region 26 Online Administrative Facilities

For Our Google Domain, AYSO26.org

This is a reference page of technical systems for Regional Volunteers.

Google Domain

Our domain, ayso26.org, is active as a Google Domain.  This gives us the ability to set up web sites, email systems, documents and more, with access controls and easy management.  Our mandate of transparency is provided for in that almost all of our information, processes and transactions are publicly visible.  We enable our volunteers to easily edit and update information in the Calendar, Groups, Web Sites, and more.  Yet, we must control who can add or change information to ensure its integrity.  As well, there is some critical information that must be held secret, such as bank account passwords.  Google Domain gives us the flexibility and security to easily setup and manage our information taking into account these needs. 

Login to your account at http://mail.ayso26.org to access the facilities below.  When you login, your login name is the first part of your email address (the part before the @).


We have multiple web sites with different purposes.
www.ayso26.org - our primary information for the general public, parents and players.  The webmaster is responsible.
docs.ayso26.org - for regional documents
mail.ayso26.org - for regional email accounts and GMAIL application access
eayso.org - for volunteer registration
login.ayso26.org - to access WebYouthSoccer for field, player, game, practice, coach and referee management

Each Spring Select team also has a Team Site.  We have a guide to managing and editing the Team Site.

We have a simple guide for editing our sites.  More comprehensive editing is supported than presented in the guide, and you can use the Google guide for additional capability.


Regional functions have eMail addresses that act as their logins to receive email and to access information on our Domain.  Logging into your Regional eMail Account provides access to the sites and docs, as well as to the eMail.  The eMail address corresponds to a volunteer function; for example Regional Commissioner (rc@ayso26.org), Treasurer (treasurer@ayso26.org), Boys U7 Commissioner (b7@ayso26.org) and others.  the complete list is available in the Directories.  Login to your Regional account at http://mail.ayso26.org.

Do not set your domain account to forward email.  This defeats the purpose of having email archived in our domain, and protecting personal addresses.  You may use POP, IMAP or a notifier on your desktop that will alert you when you have new email in your ayso26.org inbox.  This will save you from having to log in all the time to check to see if you have email.  To get the notifier, just click either of these links, depending on the kind of desktop system you have.
You can also add your AYSO account to your email using POP or IMAP for even greater convenience.  Instructions.


Our regional documents and forms are at http://docs.ayso26.org.  All these documents are available to the appropriate volunteers in accordance with their responsibilities.  With Google Docs we enjoy the features of ubiquitous access, security controls, versioning and backup.  Please use this facility for any documents that are for the Region, ensuring quality of our document maintenance.  If you are going to create documents, use the menu to create a folder of your position, and then create your documents inside that folder.  Use the Sharing menu on the document to indicate who may edit and who may view the document.


We use forms for capturing information and conducting polls.  Two examples of our Forms are the Scholarship Application and the Request Payment.  These forms are embedded in web pages and produce a spreadsheet in our Docs area.   Forms are created as a Doc, and the Forms menu on the document is used.  http://docs.ayso26.org.


Google calendars permit updating event information for universal sharing.  We have multiple active calendars that are embedded in our web sites.  You can set up Notify to a calendar with your eMail account so that the calendar will automatically email you updates when someone changes the calendar, and you can set a default notification for events.  To do this, log into your eMail account, click calendar and select Notify.  There you can set the options.

Regional Calendar - events of interest to parents and players
Clinics - lists the courses for Referee, Coach and Administrative training.


eMail groups enable sending a message to many people simultaneously.  To access some of these groups requires logging into your ayso26.org account.  The groups are;

board-staff@ayso26.org - the board and staff volunteers
commissioners@ayso26.org - the division-commissioners
executive-board@ayso26.org - the board members responsible for regional policy
operations-staff@ayso26.org - the operations staff, non-executive board volunteers