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Manage and Edit Your Team Site

This is a quick guide to managing and editing your team site.  The team coach has management permission on the team site.  The team coach can edit the site and add additional site editors.  Site editors could be a team parent(s) or player(s).


Manage the Site (Coach)

First, login to the site by going to a page and using the Sign in link at the bottom of the page.

Add an editor to the team site using the More Actions button and the Sharing Settings panel.  On the Sharing Settings panel you can enter an email address in the Add people section at the bottom of the panel (you can add more than one by using a comma).  After adding them, designate them with a permission as Can Edit using the individual drop down arrow. 

Update the Site

All changes or updates to the site are logged, along with the user and time information.  Any page can be rolled back and recovered, simply.   Don't be afraid to make mistakes, they can be undone.

HOWEVER:  DO NOT use the More Actions button.  Those changes can permanently damage the web site.  Only use the Edit page button.

This page assumes you may use the guide to edit pages, generically.

You may add text to identify your coach or some preamble about the team.  You may also replace the faux image with a real picture of your team.  It is best to leave the two gadgets alone.

Roster and Stats
To edit information on this page you click the Team Roster link at the bottom of the page.  
  • Delete a player, click players name and click the Delete this item link at the bottom of the Edit Item panel
  • Add a player by click the Add Item button
  • Update a player's record by clicking the player's name and entering the information into the Edit Item panel.  When done, click Save.
You may add or edit events to the team schedule.  Click the Google Calendar button at the lower right.  This will open the Google calendar editing panel.

Match Stats
Add a match using the Add Item button.  Delete or update an item by clicking on it and using the pop-up panel.

Photo Gallery
Use the Edit Page button and then insert photos and text as explained in the guide.

Team Accounting
Do not edit this page.  Thank you.

Use the Edit Sidebar link at the bottom of the sidebar.  This will open the Customize your site layout panel.  Please do not use the Change Site Layout or Configure Search buttons. 
Notice that there is a list of items under the title Sidebar.  This is the area where we make changes.  It is best to leave the Navigation widget alone.  It is already preset for the web site.
There maybe Countdown widgets or Text widgets or more.  They may be edited or deleted by using their corresponding link.  You may add a widget using the Add a sidebar item link.  Generally, you will only be using Countdown and Text widgets.  
Countdown widget permits you to set a date and a headline.
Text widget is general purpose and can be used for photos, text and links.