Drop a Player

There are several pathways to dropping a player.  The preferred is for the parent to use the Refund Request form on this website under the Parents menu.
Request Drop Form Process

Parent Requests Refund
The parent fills out the Refund Request form on this website under the Parents menu.  This adds an entry to this doc.  This document records refund requests and is viewable only by a few personnel.

Open that doc and scroll down to the unprocessed entries.  This will be evident in the, Approval, column.  Review the, Reason for Request, and determine the validity of refunding the fees.

Note that the parent may be requesting a receipt for a donation, rather than a refund.  In that case, send an email to treasurer@ayso26.org identifying the parent and the amount of the receipt.  Receipts should always be for the full amount.

Login to drop the player administratively.

Goto the Registration / Drop Player menu.  If the player is not listed, look them up using the search box.
  1. If the player was not placed on a team due to Palo Alto AYSO deficiency, issue a full refund.
  2. if a receipt was requested rather than a refund, indicate no refund
  3. if the player attended a practice or game, indicate no refund
  4. if the player is due a refund, calculate the refund and enter it into the box, and remember to deduct the administration fee
  5. enter the reason for dropping from the Refund Request spreadsheet
  6. click the, SUBMIT, button
Division Commissioner Drop Process

DC Request Drop
The DC is requesting that a player be dropped.  

Email the DC for the reason for the drop, whether the child attended any practice or games.

Goto DROP PLAYER in the left column.

Once the player is dropped using the SUBMIT button, the record is then ready for the Treasurer to process.

The Treasurer goes to the Registration / Exec / Drops-Refunds menu and views the page of processed drop requests, ready for refunds.

The Treasurer enters the drop into Quicken and then presses the SENT button.

The player is now officially dropped.