eMail Broadly Across Palo Alto AYSO

Board members and some regional volunteers have the ability to send email across our region.  This is not to be done lightly.  We desire not to overwhelm our parents, players, and volunteers with a lot of email.  Also, remember that email communication is forever.  make sure it is an email that you want to send, that it is well worded, not too cryptic, and can't be misread to mean something you did not intend.

  1. To send an email, first login to WYS.  
  2. Then on the menu select  Board  /  Send Email.  This will bring up the email page.
  3. Choose your email address in area 2
  4. Place a checkmark in the program in the top left box that you are addressing your email to
  5. Check all the boxes in the upper right under Position that you are addressing the email to
  6. In the area labeled All Parent Filters, choose the correct option, typically All
  7. Enter your subject line text and the body of your message
  8. Hit the Submit button
  9. You will see a panel showing the email jobs, yours should be at the bottom with the status, Pending.  You have 5 minutes to cancel the email, or it will be sent.
  10. If you are satisfied with your email just close your browser or continue with other tasks.  The email will be sent in due course.