Managing Volunteer Jobs

Managing a General Volunteer Job Administratively in WYS

Your Job Function

When you are the leader of a task, such as Field Lining Coordinator, and there is a team of volunteers to perform related tasks, then WYS enables you to see who has volunteered, manage the list of volunteers, and send emails to the volunteers, giving them the guidance.

To see your Job Function, first login to WYS using the page.  Then, under the  Parent  tab, click on  Manage Jobs tab.  This presents a list of jobs, in alphabetic order.

If you click on the name of the job a pop-up list of actions will appear.  There are a number of actions that you can take, but the primary focus for you is the link, Send email to all volunteers.  This will provide a list of email addresses, and if you click on that list it will open a new email and put all the volunteers into the BCC field.  This will ensure that volunteers email addresses are not exposed to others.  The you simply enter the subject line and body of the text and send it.  You can likewise send emails to only one task list of volunteers, but selecting the title of the task.

It is a good idea at the begging of the job to send an introductory email with some general instructions to everyone.  

Managing a Task

Click on the word, Show, to see the list of tasks associated with that job.  There may be only one task, but often there are multiple.  Each task has a What, When, Where etc.  

eMail - click the title of the task, and select, Send email to all task volunteers.  This will present a list of email addresses.  Click the list and it will create an single email with all those addresses in the BCC line.

Drop - A volunteer may inform you that they can't fulfill the task.  You drop them by opening the list of volunteers and clicking on the volunteers name. This allows you to set their status.  When you drop a volunteer and the Currently count drops below the Needed count, the task will appear on the volunteer page for more persons to sign up.

See List of Volunteers- click on the number next to the word, Currently.