Team Manager Administration

The Team Manager is principally responsible for managing uniforms, and has administrative functionality to 
  • enter jersey numbers of the team at the beginning of the season, 
  • assign parents to the snack list, 
The Team Manager may also want to do the following during the season,
  • create and appoint other volunteer duties 
  • post general team information 
  • send messages to the parents and coaches 

The list below is in the order in which the Team Manager tasks are likely to be performed.  Your access to the Team Manager administration is enabled when the Coach or the Division Commissioner appoints you in in the system.

There can only be ONE Team Manager appointed for a team.  Otherwise the software operation is unpredictable.

The information below applies after you login  and open the Team Manager menu.

Team Info
The following information fields accept html tags for formatting.  But, no need to get fancy.  Be sure to close your tags.

Simple formatting to make a new line is simple.  Just put <br> at the end of each line to force a new line.  This will prevent your text from running together in one long sentence.  An example to space text onto separate lines;

Tues + Thurs 5:30pm <br>
Field: Greer 4A

Click the button Edit Team Information and a panel will open permitting you to enter the Name of your team and the Color.  For color, enter the text "White-Home - Blue-Away".

The "Message to Parents" is seen by all parents when they login.  Put any general information here that you or your coach want to communicate.

Enter the Practice Time and Location in the final text field and hit the button, Submit.

At the bottom of the Players list is a button to Edit Jersey Numbers.  This button will open a panel where you can type in the jersey number for each player, enabling the roster for the game cards and tournament passes.

Lower on this page you can see the Coaches, Players and Parents.  At the bottom of each of these three sections is a button to send an email to all the persons in that list.  If you click the button it will open a new email for you with the eMail addresses already in the eMail.  Be sure to begin your subject line with the text, PaloAltoAYSO:, permitting parents to set filters on their incoming email and to assist threading and junk mail filtering.

Snack Schedule
To assign parents to the Snack Schedule, open the Team Schedule page.  This will list the games, including the snack assignments.  If no Host is assigned to a game, the Snack Host will have the value, None.  To assign a parent, click the word, None, and select the parent in the drop down menu.

eMail Your Parents
Open the Team Info page.  At there are lists of coaches, players and parents.  Click the button, Send to all Parents will open a new email window with the parents emails addresses already in the email, ready for you to compose your message and send.

DO NOT eMail Your Players
It is our policy not to email players directly in lower divisions, but to communicate only through parents.  In u16 and u19 divisions it becomes commonplace to communicate directly with players.

Team Volunteers
To assign a parent to one of the pre-defined Team Volunteer positions, click the position and assign the parent using the drop down menu.  Some positions may already be filled if either the Coach appointed the person, or the person may have volunteered and assigned by your Division Commissioner.