Updating Player IDs

Uploading Players to eAYSO

Registered players in WYS must be uploaded to eAYSO for player ID allocation, insurance coverage, and player-count billing from AYSO.

An application called, eAYSO Offline, is used to upload the players to eAYSO.  The use of this application is restricted to RCs, Asst RCs, Registrar, and Trusted Data Manager.  To obtain the application go to eAYSO.org and login and see the link under the, Welcome, title, for downloading the application.

There are additional links of that page to guide you to install the application.

Once installed, launch the application.  You begin by downloading the currently defined list of players.  Click the menu, Data / Download.  Typically you would then check the box for Current MY and All Divisions.  Then click the button, Submit. Login and then ignore the warning about overwriting local data.  Just click the button, OK.  When it completes it will tell you how many players are already registered for the current season.

Now you need to export the additional players from WYS.  This can only be done by a person with Registration and Exec menu privileges in WYS.  

To do this, login, and click the menu, Registration / Exec / NSTC Upload.  Begin by checking for data errors that will interfere with the upload, by clicking Data Check.  This will list all the records with inconsistencies.  Unfortunately, this will include records where only one parent is listed.  If the only issue with the record is that only one parent is listed, skip the record.  It will be uploaded correctly.  After fixing the other records, click on NSTC Upload again and then click the link, Generate File.  This will write out a csv of the records.  Go back to eAYSO Offline, which should still have the window open, and click, Import.  Navigate to the downloaded CSV and select it.  Click the button, Open.  The file should be imported and you will get a dialog box stating that it was imported successfully.

Repeat the procedure in the prior paragraph for each season that is to be imported.

Now upload the data by clicking the menu item, Upload.  Follow the dialog boxes to completion.  Afterward, exit the application.

Set eAYSO Player IDs in WYS

To connect the player record in eAYSO to the player record in WYS, generate a report in CSV format from eAYSO and import it to WYS.

First, login to eAYSO and click on the menu, Report and the drop down, Player Export.  On this page, click the symbol, >> to get all the fields in the right hand box.  Then click the button, Export Data.  This will generate a CSV file of the name, Rpt_Player_Export.csv in your downloads folder.

Now login to WYS.  This next step can only be done by someone with exec privileges.

Click the menu, Admin / File Import

At the bottom of the page is the Player ID file import section.  Use that section to import the Rpt_Player_Export.csv from eAYSO.

When this process completes you will be sent an email confirming whether the job completed successfully or not.