Updating Volunteer Certs from eAYSO

Volunteer certifications are managed in eAYSO.  Season management is done with WYS, including assigning coaches and referees.  The procedure below is used to update the certifications in WYS from eAYSO, so that they can be readily viewed while managing volunteer assignments.
Generate Transfer Files in eAYSO
CSV files listing the certification data are generated in eAYSO and mailed to Crewsoft for processing into WYS.  There are four files to transfer the certifications; Coach, Referee, Instructor and Management.  For each of the files, follow this procedure.
  1. login to http://eayso.org
  2. select Reports / Volunteer Certifications from the menu
  3. select the certification discipline in the list
  4. click the  >>  button to select all certifications
  5. click the  Generate report  button
  6. the file will be downloaded as a CSV with name report.csv
  7. mail that file to Crewsoft
  8. repeat for Coach, Referee, Instructor and Management disciplines
Review Rejections
Crewsoft will email back a report of the number of volunteer records that were matched and the number that were not matched. Volunteer records that have not had any certificate activity older than 2006 are ignored.

This part of the process requires the "Exec" provisioning on your WYS account.  The idea is to try to manually match the volunteer record from eAYSO with a volunteer record in WYS.  

When volunteer records are matched by WYS or manually, WYS records the AYSO ID of the eAYSO volunteer for future matching.

  1. login to http://login.ayso26.org
  2. select Registration / EXEC / Set National IDs in the menu
  3. for each record in the rejected list in the email from Crewsoft, try to find the correct WYS record, using the last name box.  Sometimes you need to go to the Find/Register menu to find someone.
  4. if found, click on the ID link in the WYS record, and enter the AYSO ID into the Volunteer ID box, and click the SUBMIT button
  5. if not found, email the volunteer and ask for more information to try to reconcile the records of the two systems.  This usually means the volunteer explaining how they registered in each system (name used)
  6. When done, email the rca@ayso26.org, rra@ayso26.org, rdri@ayso26.org and commissioners@ayso26.org that the certifications in WYS have been updated from eAYSO.