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Welcome to Palo Alto AYSO Kicker Program

Parents in our Kicker Program join their children on the field for the fun.  Our trainers are there with fun props and drills to lead you, and you lead your child.

The children are generally confused and often not as well engaged in the first or second session.  But our experience is that as the child gets used to the program, which is familiar to them by the third week, they loosen up and get more enthusiastically engaged.
Joining your child on the field creates a liability for Palo Alto AYSO and you.  We provide insurance, included with the registration fees, for all registered volunteers.  You need to register as a regional volunteer, if you are not already registered with an AYSO ID, and take our 30 minute Safe Haven webinar to finish qualifying.  Sorry, but we can't let you or our child on the field until this is completed.

To register as a regional volunteer only takes a few minutes.  Go to http://eayso.org and click the button, 
"I am new to AYSO and want to volunteer".

To complete your Safe Haven, wait for a notification email and it will give you a link and your AYSO ID to login and get Safe Haven certified.