Coach & Asst Coach

If you are new, first-time coaching with us, you may wish to preview the page, 
First Time - New Coach, before proceeding on this page.  
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Unattached Coach (not coaching your own child and youth coach)
If you are an adult but aren't coaching your own child, or a youth coach, send an email to the to help assign you to a team.  Include;
  • the division(s) you would like to coach
  • a particular player or team you would like to coach
  • a co-coach or parent coach to be associated with
All Coaches
Send an email to your Division Commissioner confirming your intent to coach, plus any other instructions such as your desired coaching partner, refereeing partner (for U7-U10), if any.  Your children will automatically be on your team.  

Your Division Commissioner's email is of the pattern  for the girls under 8 division or for the boys.  Adjust the address to be appropriate for your division.  

Confirm that your team assignments are correct by looking at, and if not correct, email your expected Division Commissioner.  A zero team designation means that you are not yet assigned a team.  If your are incorrectly showing in a division for which you are not coaching, send an email to that Division Commissioner to inform them you are not in their division.  They can then remove you from their division.

Don't worry if you are not yet certified to the necessary level.  The many clinics will help you address this.  Most of the clinics will be held during the summer and winter.  The date and times of clinics will be posted in the clinics calendar on the Coach menu, above.  The Intermediate and Advanced coaching clinic at Golden Gate Camp is offered on a weekend and is great fun.  The Region will reimburse your fees to attend the camp.  Watch for Golden Gate Camp announcements.

Are You Certified and Approved?
Check and monitor your status at, and ensure you get approved.  Until you meet the requirements and get approved, you will not be assigned a team.   

As Soon As You Are Assigned a Team
You need to set your team's practice field slot preferences.  Log in and go to menu item Coach/Preferences.  Follow the instructions on that page. 

Pre-Season Coach Orientation Meeting
This is a mandatory meeting for all coaches and assistant coaches.  The meeting will cover last minute issues, talk about practice calendars, meet your Division Commissioner and your fellow coaches.  Watch for scheduling in the Regional Calendar, or on the home page calendar widget.

Policies You Need to Obey and Enforce
  • For liability and medical needs, you MUST have the player's signed form at ALL AYSO functions, or the player may not participate
  • Actively follow Concussion Awareness guidelines at all training and games, and err on the side of caution
  • No heading in games or training for U10 and below, except for Select and Elite teams
  • We must protect our parents and players private email addresses.  Whenever you send email to team, place the email addresses in the Bcc line, not the To or Cc line
  • Read this policy statement regarding club teams.  Accepting a coaching position with Palo Alto AYSO means that you agree with, and will abide by this policy.  If you need to discuss this policy please contact the
  • Live and promote our culture at games, Coaching at the Game
  • Be prepared:  Managing Strong vs Weak Teams
Administering Your Team
This page will tell you the details of how to administer your team, everything from parent emails, roster, jersey number assignment, team messaging, and more.  You can get to it on the web site at by using the top menu item  Coach  /  Team Administration.  Start using it as soon as you are assigned a team.

Contact your Team Manager as soon as you are assigned a team.  The Team Manager is the focal point for many communications regarding team administration.

Uniforms and Equipment
Equipment may be picked up from the locker on Equipment Locker Days, announced and posted on the Regional Calendar, and can also be viewed in the calendar widget on the home page.  The events in the calendar are titled, Equipment Event.  There are only a few opportunities to pick equipment up, make sure you or a designated parent does this.  Use the  Coach  menu above and select  Equipment Pick-Up and Return  for the correct procedure and location.

Uniforms are picked and managed by your Team Manager.  Make sure your Team Manager has read their web page and knows how to get and distribute your team's uniforms.

Coach and Assistant Coach Certification
Each coach and assistant coach must be certified for the level of their division.  Certification can be obtained by taking the online coach courses for U6, U8 or U10, coupled with a training clinic.  Online courses are a great pre-cursor to the clinics, but do not replace the clinics.  The clinics are required.  Certification for U12, Intermediate, Advanced and National are offered in training clinic form only.  Coaches in the Advanced Programs of Elite and Select are required to certify at one level higher than standard.

 Division  Certification Required Clinic Duration
 Kinder  U6 Coach 3 hours
 U8  U8 Coach 3 hours
 U10  U10 Coach 4 hours
 U12  U12 Coach 6 hours
 U14  Intermediate 2 days
 U16  Advanced 2 days
 U19  Advanced 2 days

Coaches Certification for Two Divisions
Some coaches and assistant coaches are doing two teams, each in a different division.  In this case, taking the online course for the lower division and the clinic for the higher division is acceptable, but it is recommended that you do clinics for both divisions.  The clinic will inform you of Palo Alto AYSO procedures and expectations for each division.

Clinic Schedule
Clinics are posted in the Clinic Calendar for all levels.