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Division Commissioner


Once you are Safe Haven certified, this year or in the past, send an email to the Chief Commissioner at chief@ayso26.orgindicating your division and that you are ready to have your WYS account authorized.  The Chief Commissioner will be overviewing your progress during the season to help you keep on schedule.

A workshop to help you with your eMail account and Commissioning process will be scheduled and you will be notified by email.  

Pre-Season Coach Meeting
The meeting is typically in the third week of August.  This is a mandatory meeting for all DCs and coaches to cover last minute issues, meet the DCs and your coaches in your division.  Watch for scheduling in the Regional Calendar.

Commissioner Handbook
Most of your work is performed using WebYouthSoccer as detailed in the Division Commissioner Handbook This handbook will be explained in the Workshop, and is a step-by-step guide during the season.

eMail Account
Your Division Commissioner email account is to be used for all your commissioning communications.  Your account is wired into other functions, including calendaring and groups.  Your login is the same as your email address, and matches your division assignment.  For example, g10@ayso26.org is the account name for the Girls Under 10 Division Commissioner.  Read the eMail section on the Region 26 Online Administrative Facilities page to learn more about using those facilities.