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Set Your Preferences
Your access to referee information in WebYouthSoccer may not be available until your registration in eAYSO is synchronized.  This is usually done every few days, so if you just completed eAYSO registration, please come back to this page in a few days.

Log into WebYouthSoccer and enter your preferences under the Referee menu item to the left.  If you are unable to login send an email to account-help@ayso26.org stating you are a referee and need your account in WYS enabled for login.  If you are able to login but do not have such a menu item, send an email to rra@ayso26.org stating that you are a new referee.  RRA will typically respond within 24 hours.  In the meantime, you may continue with other aspects of preparation that do not involve WebYouthSoccer.  When you send an email be sure to state that you need to be promoted to referee in WebYouthSoccer and your full name. 

Separately, you must get your level of certification according to the table on the right.

Are you approved to Referee?
Bookmark the following page to check on your status as you get qualified and approved.     http://approvedreferee.ayso26.org

U8 and U10 Officials and Referee
Inform your team's coach (once the teams are formed and the RRA has approved you) that you are approved to officiate games and you are available each week.  Use WYS to assign yourself to games.

U12,U14,U16,U19 Referee
Each week, or whenever anything changes, update your preferences and availability in WebYouthSoccer, using the Referee menu item on the left.

Familiarize Yourself with Referee Info on the Web Site
There is information particular to our program and Palo Alto AYSO on the website.  The menu, Referee, has many informative pages in the drop down menu.  Many of them are pertinent to you.

Attend AYSO Referee Course
Attend an AYSO referee certification course or refresher clinic this year, regardless of your past certifications.  Upon completion of the classes, you will receive a badge and a uniform.  You will not receive your badge until you have completed all of the above steps and you cannot be approved to officiate games until you have received your AYSO badge, which must be worn while you officiate games.

Referee Certification
Each referee must be certified to the level of his division, or higher.  You should take the online course and a clinic for U8 Official and BASIC Referee for U10 and U12 at (http://training.ayso26.org).  Certification for Intermediate, Advanced and National are offered in clinic form only.  The clinics are scheduled and advertised on the Clinic Calendar.  Keep an eye on this calendar for your training needs.  If you are waiting for a clinic to be scheduled it is a good idea to check the calendar weekly, as more courses may be added, giving you more options.

Division    Minimum Certification        Recommended
Kinder        No Referee                              No Referee
U8             U8 Official                                    U8
U10           Basic or Regional                       Regional
U12           Basic or Regional                     Intermediate
U14           Regional/Intermediate                Advanced
U16           Intermediate                               National
U19           Intermediate                               National

We have 12 National Referees active in Palo Alto AYSO.
Lee Berg, Linval DePass, Steve Eglash, David Flamm, Celso Frazao, 
Payne Freret, Stephen Hansen, Caroline Lambert, Roy Levin,
Daniel Mahoney, Robert Schreiber, and Raymond Wong.
Feel free to seek their counsel.