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Tournament Director

Required:   Read Carefully

Send an email to volunteer-coord@ayso26.org stating that you have completed Safe Haven and are ready for your assignment.  Be sure to indicate what your job is to the volunteer coordinator.
U14 Area Tournament Director - Detailed Job Description

U12 Regional Tournament Director - Detailed Job Description

U10 Regional Tournament Director - Detailed Job Description

eMail Account
Your Tournament Director email account is to be used for all your communications.  Your account is wired into other functions, including calendaring and groups.  Your login is u14tournament@ayso26.org,u12tournament@ayso26.org or u10tournament@ayso26.org, depending on which tournament director you are.  The U10 girls and boys Tournament Director share one email account.  Read the eMail section on the Region 26 Online Administrative Facilities page to learn more about using those facilities.