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Volunteer Registration Helper


Send an email to cvpa@ayso26.org that you have completed Safe Haven and are ready to have your eAYSO account authorized for volunteer registration check-in and your WebYouthSoccer account authorized for player registration check-in.  State your name and your job as "Volunteer Registration Helper".

Job Description
You will be assisting the CVPA (Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate) to process incoming volunteer forms.  This role is important to the integrity of our program.  The CVPA Guide is attached to this page.  It would be a good idea to at least skim it so that you have context for the tasks that you are performing.

You will be getting mail from the PO Box once a week.  There are three categories of mail.
  1. Addressed to the CVPA.
  2. Addressed to Player Registration.
  3. Other.  Set aside for the CVPA.
The details for processing these are on the right side of the page in red.

Volunteer Email Template
When you accept a volunteer you will be sending an email to them.  Use this template below for that purpose.  Bookmark this page so that you can easily get back to this template.

Subject=   AYSO:  Read Careully


Your volunteer application has been accepted.


Please go here to receive instructions for your position. 

Thank you for volunteering.
Addressed to the CVPA
There should be two copies of the volunteer form, completely filled out and signed.  The box indicating no criminal record should be checked.  If all this is true, you may accept the volunteer application, as below.  If any of this is not true, pass the application to the CVPA.

To process the form you log into http://eAYSO.org.  
  1. Choose Region / Volunteer / Registration from the menu.
  2. Type the first few characters of the last name into the search box on the upper right, and click the SEARCH button.
  3. This should display the volunteer's record.
  4. Check the box on the left next to the Volunteer's name.
  5. Scroll down and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.  This indicates to the system that you are accepting their forms.
  6. Find their record again, using the search box.
  7. Click on their name, opening their record.
  8. Compose a new email based on the template on the right of this page
  9. Use the email address, name, and AYSO ID from the open volunteer record.  Send the email.
  10. When done, click BACK at the bottom of the volunteer record
  11. You are ready to process another volunteer

Addressed to Player Registration
There should be a check in the envelope for the players being registered. Some parents also send in player registration forms, discard those forms.  Process the payment as follows.
  1. To process the payment you login to http://login.ayso26.org
  2. Choose Registration / Confirm Registration from the menu on the left
  3. You will be presented with the list of players who are pre-registered (not yet paid)
  4. Find the player on the list corresponding to the payment.  Sometimes the payment is for more than one player, in which case you have to check off their names one at a time.
  5. Click the players name on the list.
  6. Scroll to the top and see the box of information.
  7. If a proof of age was included in the envelope, check the birthdate and click the confirmation button
  8. Look at the expected amount that is to be paid for this player.  If there is a match (almost all the time), then click the submit button.
  9. If there is not a match, set aside the check and envelope for the CVPA.
  10. Do this for each player/payment.
  11. Give all the checks to the CVPA for deposit.
  12. Recycle the used envelopes and other papers, including any Player Registration Forms.