Palo Alto AYSO Volunteer Registration Can Be Confusing - Let's Explain It !

Our registration process for volunteers can seem 
daunting, confusing and just downright arcane.  

True, unfortunately, but each part is necessary.

Web Sites - this web site and email addresses

- online system for managing teams

eAYSO - national system to register volunteers and track training certification - online system for training.  Certification is tracked automatically by eAYSO

Why do we have to do so much to register?

To protect our children, meet the requirements of the Child Protection Act, protect you as a Good Samaritan and with our insurance, meet commitments to our volunteer community, the City of Palo Alto and PAUSD, we must
  • confirm the volunteer's background to be criminal free
  • ensure our volunteers know our policies regarding child protection 
  • ensure our volunteers understand Good Samaritan
  • are certified appropriately to their volunteer function
eAYSO:  For this reason we need our volunteers to register in our National Registry System, eAYSO.  eAYSO provides the information for the FBI criminal background check and tracks the certification for Safe Haven and the levels of instruction of each volunteer.

Safe Haven:  After registering, and before you can be given your assignment, you must be made aware of the Good Samaritan and Child Protection policies and requirements.  This is done in Safe Haven, a 40 minute online course.  This only has to be done the first time you volunteer for AYSO.
So, What is the Process?   (Overview)
Volunteer registration requires you to;
  1. choose your volunteer assignments in WebYouthSoccer, where we manage the season's activities, and
  2. register in eAYSO, where we perform the national background check and administer certifications.

  1. Register your kids in WebYouthSoccer and indicate what volunteer position you are interested in.
  2. Register in eAYSO
  3. Mail in signed eAYSO forms
  4. Receive email confirming your forms were approved, with a link to  confirm registration and receive your detailed volunteer job instructions
  5. Take online Safe Haven course, if first time volunteer
  6. Take whatever other courses are needed, such as Coach clinics or Ref clinics, or Treasurer course, etc.