FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering

Ensure you, and the children are protected under Good Samaritan Law and our liability insurance.  
Be registered and take Safe Haven online webinar.

How do I see what volunteer positions or tasks are open?  How do I choose a volunteer position?
Go Here.

How do I officially register as a volunteer?  Are there detailed instructions for eAYSO?
The detailed instructions can be found here, How to Volunteer.

My Certifications Are Not Being Updated
Certifications are transferred from eAYSO to our local system periodically.  There may be a few reasons why you are not seeing the updated information.  If you are concerned, please email the cvpa@ayso26.org.
  • The transfer is done once a week, and may be pending
  • Transfer for your account only occurs if your volunteer status in eAYSO is current and approved.  Approval may take 24 hours or more after you register or renew.
How do I find my AYSO ID, for eAYSO and training?
Your automated notification has your AYSO ID.  If you don't have your automated notification, login using the correct season widget on the login page, and click the tab on the left, Parent / Personal Info.  At the top of that page is your AYSO ID, if you have one.  If your AYSO ID does not show, it means either you are not registered in eAYSO, or your eAYSO and your local system accounts are not connected.  If you are sure you have an eAYSO ID but it does not show, send an email to the cvpa@ayso26.org, giving the full name that you registered with in both eAYSO and our local system.  If you need to register in eAYSO follow the instructions for a New Volunteer on this page.

How do I check what positions I volunteered for?
Login using the correct season widget on the login page from the menu at the above right.  After logging in, look at the tab on the left.  Open the Parent tab item on the left and click on Manage Jobs.  This will show your tasks.

What is volunteering for Kicker and Kinder Parent?
A parent must remain on the field with each child in our Kicker and Kinder Program.  Our liability insurance and city policy requires that such parents be registered as a volunteer.  Their volunteer duty is to remain with their child and help the coach during the game.

I am getting a notice about de-listing.  What is delisting?
To perform volunteer duties for Palo Alto AYSO you must be registered in our national system, and your registration must be up to date. If you indicated that you would like to volunteer for a position or task, but you have not registered or renewed your existing registration this year as a volunteer, then you will be de-listed from the position and the position will be returned to the pool of available positions.  Additionally, most positions require certifications, you may not have completed those required for your volunteer position.  Read the right hand side of this page for follow-up.  

I have been de-listed.  How do I get my task/position back?
If you were volunteering for a coach or team managerw role, email yoiur Division Commissioner for instructions.  for other roles, you first register and then login to the correct seasonal widget on the login page, go to the Parent / Volunteer menu, find your position or task on the list and select it, and click the Submit button.  This will again reserve your task for you.  If the position is not showing in the list then someone else has already reserved it.

I am being told that I do not have sufficient certification for an appointment.  How do I get it?
Certification is like a diploma for performing certain functions, and is required to ensure we can continue to offer a quality program and experience for the children.  The certification may sometimes seem to be onerous, but we volunteers are all a team, and want to ensure the best program for our children and families.  We all invest the time to training and certification, as well as performing our volunteer duties.  You can see your current certifications by logging in and clicking on Certifications under the Parent menu.  Many certifications can be obtained online at http://training.ayso26.org. Coach and referee certification may require a clinic, and the schedule is available on the clinic menu item under coach or referee from the menu above.

What is Safe Haven certification?
Every volunteer must be Safe Haven certified.  This is a short online seminar to ensure you know the child management policies of AYSO, understand the principles of Good Samaritan and Child Protection, and ensures that both AYSO and you are covered by our insurance policy.  We commit to PAUSD and the City of Palo Alto to indemnify them with our insurance, and this requires our volunteers to be Safe Haven certified.