Thank You for Volunteering

Now, let's get you registered.
All regional volunteers must be registered.  No exceptions.

When registering on the National System, indicate Regnl Volunteer if you are not a coach or referee.

If you are a Returning, Previously Registered Volunteer - Simply Goto and Renew

NOTE:   Click for  Privacy Policy  -  Adults must enter SSN and Driver's License Number 
  to our National eAYSO system for the FBI Background Check
  1. eAYSO is our National Registry System.  We must register all volunteers to meet federal Child Protection Act requirements, insurance requirements, and City of Palo Alto and PAUSD obligations.  Whether you work directly with children or not in your volunteering capacity, as a volunteer of Palo Alto AYSO you are required to be registered in our national registry.
  2. eAYSO is secure.  Access to the information is controlled and limited to only certified persons who have a need to know, and your personal identity information such as SSN or Drivers license is not visible to anyone except the few people at national headquarters responsible for FBI national background checks.  That information is not visible to any other staff, and not visible to any volunteers, including ALL Palo Alto AYSO personnel. 

Procedure for New Volunteers

You are a new volunteer if you have not previously registered in eAYSO.  If you have an account in eAYSO, simply go to and login, and click the blue link, "Apply as a returning adult volunteer". 

Your account must be unique.  Make sure your email address, name and login are unique and not used by a spouse, friend or child.

Create an Account for Yourself and Register
  1. Right-Click on this button and open the eAYSO web site in a new window.
  2. In the new window with the purple background, click on the link, I am new to AYSO and want to volunteer.  Do not choose any of the other options.  We do not use eAYSO for player registration.
  3. If you are under 18 years of age, 
    • check I want to do my part as an AYSO Youth Volunteer, and click Next.
  4. If you are 18 or over
    • check the I want to do my part as an AYSO Volunteer, and click Next.
  5. Fill in your information page by page.  After your account is created you will be logged out.  Log back in using your new account and proceed to answer the questions.
  6. Remember that you are volunteering for Section 2, Area A and Region 26 and you choose the role, Rgnl Volunteer.
  7. Be sure to eSign the form at the end.
  8. eAYSO will then ask you to print the forms.  You do not need to (we won't accept them). We accept only the eSignature at the end. They put that in there for the few regions which still do paper.
  9. Thank you for volunteering. 

Difficulty? eMail for help at,