Find a volunteer opportunity ! 

Our most important role as a CSO, a Certified Community Service Organization, is to develop family, neighbor and community connectedness.  We want you to be a part of our connected community.

Volunteering with Palo Alto AYSO is a fun and fulfilling experience.  Start out by finding a position or task that interests you.  To see a list of currently available positions or tasks, look under the Parent /Volunteer menu after logging into your season.  Use the login page from the upper right.

1) FIELD, Team Positions  
Consider our three on-field volunteer opportunities, Coach, Assistant Coach and Referee, each very rewarding.  We provide the training you need, no matter your soccer experience, or lack of soccer experience.  We have been training volunteer parents at all levels of experience for over 50 years.  Many of our coaches and referees start out with their kids' teams at an early age, and progress with their children to older divisions.  Start out having fun with your small children, and progress with them and their friends, continuing to connect and having fun all through their years of school.

Please consider our many other volunteer opportunities.  Helping your team coordinate snacks or uniforms, helping to schedule games, support classrooms, line fields; literally, there are many kinds of indoor and outdoor jobs to run our league.  The outstanding experience we provide to our kids requires your help, and all of our volunteers.  

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Not all of these positions are currently available.  
To see the list of available positions or tasks, go here.