The primary role of the Auditor is to perform an annual check-up on the accuracy and correctness of our banking, and report on any unusual or large transactions, monthly.

In May, the Treasurer produces our budget for the following year.  Generally, our budget is a single page and does not change significantly from year to year.  The auditor should check the budget prior to Regional Board approval for consistency from the previous year.  To close the year, the Auditor reviews the bank account, receipts and all transactions for the year to prepare a report to National AYSO.  Almost all of Palo Alto AYSO transactions are electronic, so the Auditor has little work to do, other than cross-checking match-up between bank, budget and receipts.

The Treasurer's Job Description
It is best to familiarize yourself with the Treasurer's role and how the job is performed in Palo Alto AYSO.   Click here.

The Auditor's Job Description on eAYSO
Here is an FAQ for the AYSO national expectation.  Click here.

All vendor accounts are listed in this document.
Palo Alto AYSO budgets.
AYSO Chart of Accounts.

We use Quicken to track and categorize our income and expenses.  The Treasurer reconciles Quicken with the bank account monthly, using electronic download.  The Treasurer categorizes the transactions using the NAP Chart of Accounts.

All funds, regardless of Program or reason for collection or expense, MUST run through the Palo Alto AYSO bank account and audit.  No exceptions.

Our Programs are accounted for separately, so as to ensure that each program is self-funding.  The Board may choose to allocate some funds from the general fund to a specific program.

Each Spring Select team has a separate budget.  The team collects fees from the parents and requests payments on their behalf.  In general the team coach is responsible for collecting the fees and determines what expenses are to be paid for from the team budget.  The Treasurer deposits the team funds and disburses the funds.  The team's accounting is captured in this spreadsheet.  The sheet "master" is a record of all transactions, and each team sheet is automatically calculated from the master.  At the end of the season the team funds should be zero, with all the funds disbursed either as refunds or donations to the Region Budget.
Monthly Audit Process
  1. Obtain the bank statements for both the checking and savings account
  2. Obtain the Quicken report showing all transactions for the period matching the bank statement
  3. Compare the monthly bank statement with the Quicken register report.  All transactions should match, and all transactions should be categorized in Quicken with NAP Chart of Account codes.
  4. Login to the account
  5. Check that the Quicken payments have corresponding receipts either electronically or on paper.
  6. If there are any discrepancies reconcile them with the Treasurer.  If they can not be reconciled with the Treasurer, bring them to the attention of the RC.

Annual Audit Process
  1. Ensure all monthly audits were completed during the year.
  2. Obtain the Quicken report showing categorized income/expense for the year
  3. Compare to the annual budget
  4. Note any discrepancies
  5. Prepare the audit_template (attached)
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