Chief Commissioner

The Chief Commissioner oversees the successful operation of the commissioners for the season.  The Chief Commissioner is responsible for keeping the calendar ensuring the commissioners stay on schedule in team formation.  The CC reviews the rosters for reasonable balance and clicks the "publish" status for the rosters so that when they are ready the coach and parents can view them.

Volunteer Commissioners
Volunteers may have already indicated they want to commission a division.  Before they can be formally assigned to a division they must complete their registration.  

Commissioner volunteers may be indicated on the Volunteer List, or in the parent volunteer form (, use Board / Vol Recruitment to see volunteers), or may have sent you an email asking to commission a division.

Each of these volunteers must complete their registration at, but may not know it.  Send them an email reminding them they need to complete the registration.

A sample email is provided below, at the bottom of this column.

Each volunteer Commissioner finishes their registration
  1. You will receive an email from each DC as they complete their volunteer registration. 
  2. Return the email informing them of the initial password for their regional DC account.  Ask them to send an email to you from their regional DC account, demonstrating that they can login and use it.
  3. Remind them that all Commissioner email should be sent and received at the Commissioner account.
  4. Introduce yourself and find out the how experienced the Commissioner is.  
  5. Check the Volunteer List to make sure the Commissioner is correctly identified.  If you need to update the list;
    1. click on Sign in at the bottom of the page
    2. click on the position that you need to alter
    3. an Edit item pop-up box presents itself
    4. only change the Display text field
    5. click the Save button
  6. Add the volunteer to the Board position, giving their account the correct privileges for their division.  This is done by going to and using the menu item Admin / Board.  Scroll down to the correct division, click the ADD button, and type the leading letters of the volunteer's last name.  Click SUBMIT and then click on the volunteer's name.
  7. Check the result at Admin / Board

Mentor the Commissioners
Check in with the commissioners periodically to see how they are doing with their efforts.  The major milestones of needed completion are in the calendar.  You can use the group email for this purpose.

As Division Commissioners reach a review step they will send you an email to review their work and publish their rosters.  Your WYS account is provisioned to be able to see all the divisions and the team formation in each.  Make sure the rosters look reasonable in terms of each team is covered with a coaching team and the teams look reasonably balanced.

You can get a quick idea of how well the various commissioners are doing with coach recruitment using WYS.
  1. goto Board / Vol Recruitment
  2. click on Coach recruitment status
  3. this page show each division with
    1. numbers for each team expected
    2. X showing how many teams kids are registered for
    3. names showing the head coach
    4. OPEN showing a need for a head coach

Sample Email to send to Parent to Complete Sign Up

Subject= AYSO: Volunteer Registration

Thank you for volunteering to commission a division.

Please go to today, and finish your registration.  

Once your registration is completed your access rights can be assigned, and you can see the coaches and players in your division.

Changing Divisions to Waitlist
When early registration ends the division status must be changed to waitlist.  You set the status on each division using the Admin / Divisions page.  When you look at this page you can see the column labeled, Reg Status, near the right hand side.  This will tell you the current status of each division.  If you click the  EDIT  button for a division it will open a panel that permits you to change the  Reg Status  between Open, Waitlist, or Closed.  Change all divisions to status of Waitlist.

Check Coach Coverage and Team Balance
  2. Go to Select / Division and pick the division
  3. Go to Display Division 
    1. ensure each team has a coach
    2. check for number of Players on team
    3. check that Rating seems consistent
  4. If information seems good, proceed to publish.
  5. If teams aren't correct, let commissioner know and what problem you see.
  6. If a Division Commissioner can't recruit enough coaches and you determine that the division will have to be formed with too few teams to accommodate all the players, follow this procedure.

Publishing Rosters
Division Commissioners develop their teams without the work being visible to coaches or parents.  As the teams are completed they are made visible first to the coaches for review, and after any necessary adjustment, they are made visible to the parents.
Warning:  Be slow and methodical.  Clicking the wrong button may delete a division.  If you accidentally mess up, stop, and call the RC immediately.
  1. Publish to Coaches
    1. Do not publish unless all the coaches have been recruited and assigned.
    3. Admin / Divisions
    4. EDIT the appropriate division
    5. Click the radio button for Rosters & Coaches
    6. Click SUBMIT
    7. eMail the DC to notify the coaches
  2. Publish to Parents
    1. Do not publish unless the coaches and players are all assigned and the rosters are complete
    3. Admin / Divisions
    4. EDIT the appropriate division
    5. Click the radio button for Rosters & ALL
    6. Click SUBMIT
    7. eMail the DC to notify the parents
  3. Lock the Division from further roster changes
    2. Admin / Divisions
    3. EDIT the appropriate division
    4. Click the radio button for Team Assignments & Locked
    5. Click SUBMIT

Closing Divisions for Registration
When registration closes some divisions will wish to remain open.  You set the status on each division using the Admin / Divisions page.  When you look at this page you can see the column labeled, Reg Status, near the right hand side.  This will tell you the current status of each division.  If you click the  EDIT  button for a division it will open a panel that permits you to change the  Reg Status  between Open, Waitlist, or Closed.  For those divisions that you wish to close,
  1. change their status to Closed, and 
  2. change the division Registration Status on this page, Player Registration.  Change the text to Closed, and make it BrickRed, the lower left color on the palette.

This email group is available for commissioners to use.