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Coach Volunteer Information Update

The purpose is to ensure that volunteer coach information is up to date in our system, and posted online in our Google Docs.

The process is performed once a week during registration, and once a month during the season, always on the weekend, preferably Saturday.
  1. Review the volunteers on the general volunteering page and ensure they are on the coach page
  2. Copy/Paste the coach/RCA pages to the Google Doc

Update System Coach Volunteers
General:  Go through the list of +Coach and +Asst Coach volunteers and if they are not on RCA page, add them to the coach page, then delete them from the general volunteer page.

  1. Open a separate browser window.  
  2. Login using that window, ensuring you are in the correct season for registration, using
  3. Click on Admin/Gen Volunteers
  4. Click on the word, Show, next to the +Asst Coach label
  5. Click on the number next to the word, Currently:, unless it is zero.  If it is zero then there are no general volunteers to transfer to the coach page.  If the number is non-zero, it will open a dialog box with the list of general volunteers wanting to coach.
  6. Quick procedure to remove coaches that are redundantly listed
    1. open another browser window and login to the correct season
    2. open the RCA page by clicking on Coach / RCA
    3. click on Coach List
    4. look at the list of general volunteers and for each name, see if the name is already listed on the RCA page.  If it is, click on the name in the general volunteer list and click the, Delete Volunteer from task command
    5. When done with that step, click on the Approved check box, unchecking it, near the top of the RCA page.  This will then display the coaches that are not yet approved
    6. Repeat the process of going down the list of coaches in the general volunteer list and deleting the ones that are already in the RCA page
    7. NOTE:  Some people enter their name into the system with strange capitalization.  This may cause them to appear alphabetically at the bottom of the page.
  7. Promote the remaining persons in the general volunteer list to coaches.  This is a tricky procedure that involves looking up the division of the child of the volunteer, opening that division, and promoting the parent of the player to coach.   Leaving your general volunteer list on the screen in the other browser window, in another browser window, for each name remaining in the general volunteer list:
    1. click on Registration / Find menu item
    2. type in the last 4 digits of the volunteer's phone number
    3. click search and several records should show, including the volunteers and any children
    4. at this time, you don't know what division(s) the volunteer meant to coach, and more than one child's record may be displayed.  Promote the volunteer for each division
    5. For each division, click Div Coord / Select Division, and click the division in the dialog box
    6. This will open the division menu, click on the Coaches link in the division menu
    7. Click on Promote Parent to Coach, choose the child, click SUBMIT and the parents will show.  
    8. Click the position Coach or Assistant as appropriate next to the parent's name that is volunteering
  8. Repeat the above procedure starting at step 4, clicking on the item in the general volunteer window for +Coach
Update Google Docs
You will be emailed the link the Google Spreadsheet to be updated.  This spreadsheet is a combination of formulas, conditional statements for notification scripts, conditional formatting, and pasted values.  You must be careful and follow the directions for pasting the values exactly, or you may damage the formulas.  

If you make a mistake that damages the spreadsheet, use the Edit/Undo in the Google spreadsheet.  Do not confuse this with your browser button or command, be sure to use the Google spreadsheet command.

In general, you will now copy the RCA page and paste it into the Google spreadsheet, but here are the details that must be followed carefully.

  1. Open the RCA page in a separate window by logging in and going to Coach / RCA, and Coach List in the menu
  2. In a separate window, open the Google spreadsheet, and select the tab at the bottom titled, Name Sorted.  Select the cell range, E10 to M445, and use the Google spreadsheet command Edit / Delete Values.
  3. Select Column R, and again use the Edit / Delete Values.
  4. From the RCA Page, under the column, Approved, select the word Yes, scroll down and with the shift key held down, click the last full word on the page.  This will select the values on the page, without selecting other text, such as menu text.
  5. Using the browsers command line, do an Edit / Copy.  Note, do not use a right click copy with the clipboard, it is unreliable at transferring this information.
  6. Go to the Google spreadsheet, RCA-List and select the cell E1.
  7. Use the browser command menu to Paste into this cell.  Note, do not use the Google spreadsheet paste command, the results are not reliable
  8. Without selecting a cell, scroll down to see where the paste ended
  9. In the RCA window, unselect the checkbox for Approved at the top of the page.
  10. Repeat the copy/paste procedure, except that this time paste it into the Google spreadsheet in the E column, but at the row immediately after the pasted area you already did.
  11. Put an I in column R, indicating these are Instructional coaches, for all the populated rows.
  12. Now, do the coaches for the Advanced Program.  In the window with the Coach / RCA page
    1. Click on Admin / Focus
    2. Choose the correct year
    3. Choose Elite for the fall, and Select for the spring
    4. Click submit
  13. Repeat the process starting from step 2 above, pasting the RCA Coach page information into the Google spreadsheet information to the blank rows.  Instead of putting an "I" in column R, put an "A", for Advanced Program coaches. 
  14. When done, select column J and sort it from A to Z.
  15. Select the tab at the bottom, Division Sorted.
  16. Select the range A2 to M446, and use the Google spreadsheet menu, Edit / Delete Values
  17. Select the tab at the bottom, Name Sorted.
  18. Then select the entire spreadsheet by clicking on A1 and column M in the last populated row, holding the spacebar down, and use the Google spreadsheet menu Edit / Copy.
  19. Select the tab, Division Sorted at the bottom
  20. Select the cell A2, and use the Google spreadsheet menu item, Edit / Paste, to paste the clipboard.
  21. select Column F, and sort Z to A
Send an email to indicating you are done, and the RC will run the notification script.