Commissioner Calendar

Each Day Lists the Chapters

The Commissioner's Handbook is a step by step guideline for the Division Commissioner.  The numbered items in the Calendar correspond to the numbered Chapters in the Commissioner Handbook.  

The Commissioning job is mostly a simple process where you can complete a chapter and then move onto the next.  

The chapters listed for any given day are what you should be working on, meaning that if today's chapters listed are '1 Recruit Coaches' and '2 Team Formation', then those two chapters are currently what you should be working on.  If today's Chapter listing shows a number such as Chapter 2, but not Chapter 1, then Chapter 1 should have been completed.

Each Division Commissioner is given a special login and email account for the job, and the calendar items for each day are emailed to the Commissioner.  This helps the Commissioner to stay on task and not forget any steps.