01 Recruit Coaches

Generally, coaches come from the parents of the division.  Coaches that are volunteering outside of the parent recruitment will show up in your coach listing.  To recruit the parents as coaches, send email from our system.
  1. To send email to your division's parents, you login
  2. Then you goto the Division link on the left menu. 
  3. A sub-link will be Email.  Click on it.
  4. The drop down box allows you to select Parents, Players, Team Parents, Coaches and Referees.  Select Parents.
  5. The second drop down box should be selected as "No, I will use cut and paste to move addresses"
  6. Click the  Submit  button
At this point you will see a listing of all the email addresses for your division's parents.  They will be presented in groups and be divided between Assigned, Unassigned, Waitlist and Pre-registered.  As well, it will show you parents that do not have an email address.  Unfortunately, we have no convenient way to reach those parents, so we must ignore them.

Now you have the email addresses displayed, the next step is to open your regional email account and start an email.
  1. Open a separate browser window.  You will be copying the email addresses from one window to the other.
  2. Goto http://mail.ayso26.org and login to your mail account
  3. On the top left, just under the AYSO logo is a button, Compose mail.  Click that button.
  4. Now click on the link  Add Bcc .  This will send the emails as blind copies so that you don't expose each parents' email address publicly, to all the other parents.  This is important, and must be remembered.  Our policy is to avoid exposing parents' email addresses.
  5. Use a subject line like "PaloAltoAYSO:  Division Update"
  6. Now compose your email.  A sample email for this purpose is to the right.  You may copy and paste this email into your message and then make your appropriate adjustments.  For divisions U7 to U10, the email to the right is appropriate.  It is hard for a completely inexperienced parent to jump in at U12 or higher, but, at that level a parent can join as an assistant coach and be assigned to an experienced coach.
  7. Now copy and paste the email addresses from the first window into the Bcc field of the email window.  BE SURE TO USE THE Bcc FIELD, and protect personal email addresses.  Be sure not to click on the blocks of email addresses.  Doing so will open an email client.  If it does happen, just close the email client message and try again to copy the addresses into your Bcc field.
  8. When done, click  Send .
Parents will see this email as coming from your regional account, not your personal account.  Responses to this email will come back to your regional account.

It can be encouraging and helpful to parents to see who else is volunteering to coach in your division.  When a parent volunteers, send the parent a thank you, copied to all the parents of the division.  It is also an opportunity to list all the coaches that have volunteered in your division.

Sample Email to Recruit


We are now in the process of ensuring we have enough coaches and assistant coaches for our division.  If you have not yet volunteered to coach and can lead a team as a coach or assistant coach, now is the time to get started.  AYSO has many years of experience training and enabling parents to coach, including parents who have never played or coached soccer before.  

Coaching your child's team is a great experience.  You spend time with your child and your child's friends. 

We depend on parent volunteers to produce our programs.  Our volunteers build community and character.  Without enough volunteers we have to limit enrollment, and turn kids away.  Please help us.

If you have already volunteered, thank you.  You will be helping us to build community and connectedness, and deliver a great soccer experience to our children.

If you have not volunteered yet, get started by replying to this email expressing your interest.

Thank you to the following coaches.

Coach                            Assistant Coach

Thank you