10 Mid-Season Check

What and How to Check

AYSO policy requires that all players participate in at least 50% of every game they attend.  Palo Alto AYSO has an additional policy that players must play at least 75% of a game before any other player plays the entire game.  Generally, this means that every player is playing at least 75% of each game.  This is not averaged over the season, but is for each and every game where the player is present.

The game statistics are recorded by the referee.  They are collated and exceptions to policy are flagged for you to easily spot.  You can quickly click through each team and spot any problems.

To see the statistics go to the Div Coord/Display Division tab.  This will give you a listing of the teams in your division.  For each team there is a link, Playing Stats.  This link will open a table showing the attendance, play time and goals for each player.  One way to determine if there is a potential problem is to look at several teams.  If one of them seems oddly skewed in its numbers compared to the others, then a closer look is merited.

If any fields are colored instead of the background grey, a closer look is merited to understand why the situation is not normal.

A problem to look for that may not be flagged could include the number of Quarters as Keeper.  In the lower divisions (U10 and below), the players should be rotated through all positions, and no player should dominate the time as keeper. In the upper divisions players are developing positional strength and a small number of players may dominate the Keeper time.

Another problem to look for is the number of quarters present.  A low number compared to the typical indicates a player who is not showing up.

When a Closer Look is Merited

Ask for help from the Chief Commissioner, chief@ayso26.org, to review the information to see if there actually is a problem, before contacting the coach for an explanation. 

After consulting with the Chief Commissioner, and if he agrees that some clarification is needed, send an email to the coach showing him the table using a screen shot.

In your email, be clear about what you are questioning and ask for an explanation of the data.

Review his response with the Chief Commissioner.  At that point, the Chief may accept the explanation, in which case you can send a thank-you note to the coach, urging him to keep up the good work.

If the Chief determines that a real problem might exist, the Chief should take it from there, keeping you copied and in the communication loop.