11 End of Season Ratings


Players are rated by their coach according to their skill levels.  Those ratings are used to help balance the teams in the next season.  The consistency and quality of the ratings is key to that balancing.

When you created your team rosters at the beginning of the season you used the ratings information that was provided from last year.  You can see how well the balancing worked out by looking at the tab, Div Coord/Standings.  Dark Green or Dark Red squares indicate a gross imbalance in the teams.

We struggle each year to balance the teams and ensure that all players have a good experience.  These imbalances can be due to several factors, including:
  • poor ratings guidance from last year
  • players absent or injured
  • coaching quality
Your management of the ratings process at the end of the season can make or break the quality of experience of next year's players.  Please take the time to do this well.

Alert your coaches to the need for the Player Evaluations.  There is a page for the coaches that explains how they do this at http://evals.ayso26.org.

Ensure your coaches are submitting their player evaluations.  Open the tab, Div Coord/Evaluations.  The top table shows which coaches or assistants have completed their evaluations. A check box indicates completion.

Make sure every team has a completed evaluation.  You can not complete this process until every team has its evaluation completed.  Sometimes an Assistant enters the evaluations, or the Coach and the Assistant both evaluate.  All these are acceptable, as long as each team has at least one evaluation completed.

The next step is to review and adjust the team's evaluation across the division.  For this you use the table at the bottom of the evaluation page.

Adjusting Team Evals Across the Division
The table at the bottom of the page lists the teams in the order of their season rankings with the strongest team at the top.  

You adjust the team's rating up or down with the DC SKEW field.    The DC SKEW will be added to the Overall rating to produce the New Overall rating.  

To start, EDIT the DC SKEW so that the strongest team will have a New Overall rating of 40, and the weakest team will have a New Overall rating of 60  (the lower the number, the better the rating).  Then adjust the DC SKEW for the in-between teams so that their New Overall rating falls in between the strongest and weakest, and is in the same order as their finish order.

When done, the player ratings can be used effectively by next year's Division Commissioner to balance teams.

Reviewing Coach Evaluations and Notes
Remember that the individual player ratings and comments by the coaches are confidential.  For the purposes of managing the Division you have access, but please do not discuss or disclose the ratings or the comments.

To see the individual ratings and comments.
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