02 How Many Teams

The number of teams you need to make will depend on the number of players registered and the size of the teams for your division.  Divisions play with a different team size depending on the age.  

Count the Players
In the Div Coord menu, click on Display Division.  This tells you the number of players you have to work with, and the number of coaches and assistant coaches signed up. 

On the left of the table is the information concerning players.  You need to count them as follows.
  • Pre-reg - players that have not yet paid their fees. You do not place these players on a team.  Don't count them.
  • Assigned - players you have already assigned to a team.  Do count them.
  • Unassigned - players waiting to be assigned to a team.  Do count them.
  • Wait List - players that registered late and are placed by you on a team if space is available (make every effort to place these players).  Do count them.
  • Dropped - number of players that were registered and then withdrew.  Don't count them.
On the right of the table is the information concerning coaches.
  • Assigned - coaches you have assigned to a team
  • Unassigned - coaches you have not yet assigned to a team
  • Confirmed - coaches that you have confirmed for the season
  • Unconfirmed - coaches that are being recruited, but they are not yet confirmed for the season
In the Div Coord menu, click on Team Formation.  This tells you the recommended team size.  Under the heading 'Number of Teams' are the Current number of teams for the division.  

The Minimum, Ideal and Maximum are the recommended number of teams based on the current registration.

Early in the process of team formation you do not need to adjust number of teams.  But by July 1 you should set the number of teams by clicking the Change Number of Teams button.  Usually you want to use the number calculated as Ideal by the system. 

It is much easier for the game scheduler if you have an even number of teams in the U10 and higher divisions.  It does not matter for Kinder, U7 and U8.

How Many Coaches Do I Need
The number of teams determines the number of coaches and assistant coaches you need.  Some coaches want to co-coach, and may still need an assistant coach.  Usually the volunteering coaches are pretty clear if they have requirements to co-coach or be matched with an assistant coach.  Try to meet their preferences.  After all, they are volunteering a lot of time and effort to the program.