03 Ensure Enough Coaches

Now that you have set the number of teams, you need to check that you have enough coaches and assistant coaches.

In Div Coord menu click on the 'Display Division'.  Here you will see the number of volunteers indicating a desire to coach or assistant coach.

You need to have sufficient coaches and assistant coaches in the Assigned and Unassigned columns to cover all the teams, with at least one coach and assistant coach for each team.  An exception to this is where two coaches have requested to work together on one team, in which case you need an additional coach, and may not need an assistant coach.

If there are Unconfirmed coaches, ask them to confirm their intention to coach.  
  • You can see their phone number if you click on Coaches on the menu.  Boxes not checked indicate unconfirmed coaches.
  • You can see their email address if you click on Email and select Coaches in the drop down box.  

Confirming Coaches

You confirm a coach only after they have completed the level of training required for your division.  The certification level of the coach is visible on the page where you approve the coach.  Go to the menu item Coaches and click on the link Manage Coaches.  This lists all the coach and candidate staff, their status, team number and certification level. If the coach has the credentials for your division you can "approve" the coach and assign the coach or assistant coach to a team.

If a coach does not meet certification level for your division and needs a waiver on the required level of training due to unusual circumstances, communicate with the rca@ayso26.org.  The Regional Coach Administrator can provide a waiver.