04 Manage Coaches & Practices

Appointing coaches and assigning them teams is accomplished using the Div Coord menu and clicking on the menu item Coaches.

Be sure not to appoint more than one person to head coach position.  This messes up some of the software.  There must be one head coach and as many assistant coaches as desired, per team.  If two or more volunteers wish to co-coach, ask them to flip a coin and decide which of them will be listed as head-coach.

Assign Coaches to a Team
Use the Manage Coaches link to assign coaches a team number, and to confirm them.  Use Promote Parent or Promote Volunteer to get volunteer or parents onto the page.   If a listed volunteer is declining to coach, you drop them with the Manage Coaches link.

Once you promote the parent or volunteer they will appear on the Coaches page.  You can then use the Manage Coaches link to confirm them and assign a team number to them.  

Send an email to the coach informing them they are assigned to a team, and tell them to login and set their team practice preferences. 

Confirming Coaches
The registration status and certification level of the coach is visible on the page where you approve the coach.  Go to the menu item Coaches and click on the link Manage Coaches.  This lists all the coach and candidate staff, their status, team number and certification level. If the coach has the credentials for your division you can "approve" the coach and assign the coach or assistant coach to a team.

The eAYSO Registered status is either empty, Filed or Approved.  If empty, the Coach has not yet started to register in eAYSO.  The status of Filed indicates the coach has started to register, and Approved indicates the coach has completed eAYSO registration.

If a coach does not meet certification level for your division and needs a waiver on the required level of training due to unusual circumstances, communicate with the rca@ayso26.org.  The Regional Coach Administrator can provide a waiver permitting a coach to be confirmed while not meeting the training certification requirement.

No waivers will be provided until the coach is signed up in eAYSO.

Kids Follow Their Parents

Kids of the coaches and assistant coaches are automatically assigned to the same team as their parent by the system.

Coaching Information

Coaches have their own pages at from the menu above, to get more information about coaching, the coaching calendar, training, etc.  They can also get there by using the menu at the top of any page on this website.  Be sure to inform your coaches of these pages.

Assigning Practice Slots