07 Manually Adjust Teams

Manually adjusting teams is done to accommodate special requests or player situations that the system does not account for when it distributes the players to the teams.

An example of a special situation to accommodate might be that a player only speaks a foreign language and needs to be placed on a team with another player that also speaks that language.

Or perhaps two players have a particularly negative relationship that requires them to be separated.

Another reason to move a child is to balance referees.  In the lower divisions referees are attached to their teams.  Sometimes you need to move players in order to spread around the associated referee parents.  These referees work their own team's games, and having many of them on one team and none on another should be corrected.

Problem - Keep the teams balanced
Remember, we need to keep teams balanced, and manually moving players around can cause a cascade of player changes in trying to maintain the balance.

Is Your divisions full?
If you already have more than enough kids to fill all your teams, and you are sure you will not get any additional coaches to create more teams, talk to the chief@ayso26.org about the possibility of shutting off registration for your division.

Test an Idea
You can save results, try something, then restore the previous results if the balancing gets difficult.  And then try again, differently.  Use the Save/Recall Team Assignmentsarea.  You enter a name that you want to store the current version under and click on Save.  That version will then appear in a list below the Save button, with a Recall button next to it.  Clicking on the Recall button will bring back the previously stored version, throwing away the current version.  If you want the current version later, you need to Save it also, before Restoring the other version.

A good practice is to save your current working version before making any drastic changes to the team rosters.  That way, if you make a mistake, or team balancing gets out of control, you can restore the version that was last good, and try again.

Be sure to name your saves meaningfully, so you can keep track over time of different versions
Manually Manipulate Teams
Click on the left menu item "Team Formation".  This will bring up a page that should be familiar to you, since you will already have Manually Placed Coaches and Assistants to create the teams, and set your Team Formation Configuration.  These two steps were covered in Chapter 5 Assign Players.  Also, if you are manually manipulating teams then you must already have used the Form Teams From Available Pool to let the system distribute the players amongst the teams.

Now we use the Manually Manipulate Teams button.  You may wish to save the current distribution of players for later recall, if your manual distribution does not work out.

Use the Manually Manipulate Teams button to move players between teams.  You may have received special requests or know of special situations that require you to move a player.  When you move a player, you must maintain the balance.  This may require you to move one or more other players around. Be careful not to get into a 'domino effect' situation where one change generates a chain of needed changes to maintain the balance.

Reviewing Coach Evaluations and Notes From Last Season
Remember that the individual player ratings and comments by the coaches are confidential.  For the purposes of managing the Division you have access, but please do not discuss or disclose the ratings or the comments.  It is a good idea to look for troubled players and ensure they are not concentrated on one team.  Also, there may be a comment by a previous coach to ensure two players are not placed on the same team.

To see the individual ratings and comments follow this in WYS.
Div Coord                                                   
    Team Formation                                     
        Player Ratings - Adjust player ratings   
            View/Alter player ratings                 

Team Manipulation Page
When you click the Manually Manipulate Teams button you will get a page listing the rosters of each team.  Be careful not to click any player or button until you understand this information and how to use the buttons, explained on this page Team Manipulation Page.