Team Manipulation Page

If you have used the Form Teams From Available Pool button before coming to this page, then your players will mostly, and maybe all, be assigned to teams.  If not, and almost all your players appear in the Unassigned category at the top, then you need to go back and use the automatic Form Teams From Available Pool button.

Layout and Overview of the Page

Dark Purple Band
Each Dark Purple Band is the header of a category, either Wait Listed players, Unassigned players, or Teams.  Click here to read details of the Dark Purple Band.

Show/Hide Columns
The Show/Hide Columns button allows you to choose the information to show on this page.  Some information is not relevant and will just clutter the page.  For example, Gender.  Your division is already divided by gender (except U5), so everyone on the page is the same gender.

Columns that are useful and should be exposed include the following.  Once you expose them they will stay exposed.
  • Months - age within the division
  • Registration Priority
  • Offensive Rating, 
  • Defensive Rating, 
  • Games played in AYSO, 
  • Goals scored in last 2 years, 
  • School
  • Practice days, 
  • Registration date, 
  • Comment/Siblings
  • Volunteer Info
If you are unable to get sufficient coaches for your teams, and players will have to be denied (a sad situation), you may need to use the Show/Hide Columns to show the registration date of the players.  There is a separate chapter in this DIvision Commissioner Handbook for the situation where we must form the division without sufficient teams to accommodate all the players.

Grey Band
The Grey Band at the bottom of each category or team provides summary data.  It shows totals or averages for the category or team.  This information is handy to show how well your teams balance.  You can compare the total Goals and the average Offensive and Defensive skill ranking of the teams.  If you need to manually move a player, you must move players so as to keep these numbers in balance.  Also, you must move players without violating their Practice restrictions.

Order of Listed Players
The players in each category or team are listed in last name alphabetic order.

Colored Bands
The colored bands indicate a player that is connected to a volunteer.  It is important to know this because if you move a player, the volunteer moves also.  Knowing the connection can help you ensure distribution of volunteers.  The type of Volunteer is indicated as C-Coach, R-Referee, V-Regional Volunteer (like you), T-Team Parent. 

Coach Comments

Last year's comments by the coach might be relevant to your team placement.  You can see those comments if you open a different browser window, login to WYS, and go to Div Coord / Team Formation / Adjust Player Ratings / View/Alter Player Evals

Moving a Player

  • Click on the player's name
  • Select one of these options
    • Move player to waitlist - move this player bak to the wait list.  They will not be included in team formation
    • Move player to available pool - the player is placed into the pool ready to be included in team formation
    • Pick team drop down - player will be moved
      • click Move to Team button