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Wait List
The Wait Listed Players are those that registered late, and hope to be placed on a team if there is space.  These players should be placed last, but please try to accommodate every one of them.  This is a child that wants to play soccer, let's try not to disappoint.

The Unassigned players are the pool of players that have not been assigned to a team, or you have moved them there while trying to balance teams, and you want to temporarily remove them from the team balancing.

Team #
The Team # is given, and corresponds to the Team # on the Chapter 4 Manage Coaches.

Months indicates how long the player has played soccer, and may indicate experience.

Priority is given and I have no idea what this is.  If you know, send me an email and I will update this information. rc@ayso26.org

Offensive rating is how strongly the past coaches have rated this player for offensive play skills.

Defensive rating is how strongly past coaches have rated this player for defensive play skills.

Games is the total number of Palo Alto AYSO games the player has participated in.

Goals is the number of goals the player has made in our games.

Grade is the school grade.

School is the school of attendance.  You may notice that there should be no more than 3 students from any school on a team.  Also, you may have a student with an entry "New, school not in list".  Please find out what school they go to and email the players name and correct school information to webmaster@ayso26.org so that we can add the school to the system.

Practice indicates the days the child can practice from the registration record.  When the system assigned the players, their practice days were matched with the coaches.  If you reassign a player be sure to not match a player that can't practice on a particular day with a coach who does practice on that day.  You can see the coaches day by looking at the player of the coach, the bar with the C under Volunteer..

Siblings lists the siblings, if any,  Note that siblings in the same division are placed on the same team by default, making it easier for parents to organize their family schedule.

Volunteer codes the type of volunteer of the parent of the player.  C - Coach, R- Referee, B - Board, T- Team Parent.