08 Release Rosters: Coach

You may wish to have the Chief Commissioner review your work and ensure that you are on the right track.  You can email the Chief Commissioner at any time for pointers and guidance.  chief@ayso26.org

Once you believe you have finished creating the rosters for your division you can submit your results for review.  The Chief Commissioner will review your rosters and look for balance, practice days, and completeness.

If the Chief Commissioner sees an issue the Chief will likely email you a question to clarify the issue.  You may need to make adjustments to satisfy the Chief Commissioner.

When ready, you request your Chief Commissioner to have the roster released to coaches for review and feedback.  Often, the coaches are fine with your team design, but sometimes they point out an issue that will require an adjustment.  If you make an adjustment at this point, make sure all the impacted coaches are on-board, since they will already have their roster.  

Once the Chief Commissioner informs you that your rosters are visible to coaches, you then send an email to the coaches.  The sample message on the right can be used to let your coaches know that the rosters are released.  

If you formed your division with less teams than is needed to accommodate all the players, let the coaches know at this point.  Add this after the first paragraph in the Sample message to coaches at the right side of this page.  "Unfortunately, we did not have enough volunteers to form the number of teams needed to accommodate all the registered players.  Some players are wait listed and may not be able to get on a team."

Chief Commissioner email address.  chief@ayso26.org

Sample message to coaches:

The team formation for our division has been completed.  Only the coaches can see the team assignments at this time.  All coaches need to review their roster and let me know if they see an issue.  Whether you see an issue or not, please let me know that you have reviewed your roster.  After all issues are cleared we will then release the rosters to our parents.  I would like to complete this soon.  Please review and let me know your concurrence with 2 days.

To review your team roster and other information, go to http://login.ayso26.org, and login using your Parent login.  Then use the Coach menu on the left to see your team information.