09 Release Rosters: Parents

Once the coach review period is up and you have finished making any needed adjustments to the teams, and the Chief Commissioner approves your division, request the Chief Commissioner to release the rosters to your parents.  Once you do this, your ability to make adjustments are severely limited, since each adjustment will have a cascading effect on players and parents.

When you have confirmation from the Chief Commissioner that your Rosters are released, you will need to notify your parents by email so that they know to go online and see their team assignments.

Be prepared for emails from parents asking questions about how to see their rosters, or why didn't they get their special request for ______________ (just fill in the blank).  

To the right is a sample of the email you can send to your parents to help reduce questions and requests.

Not Enough Coaches
If you formed your division with fewer teams than is needed to accommodate all the players, let the parents know.  Add this after the first paragraph in the Sample message to parents at the right side of this page.  "Unfortunately, we did not have enough volunteers to form the number of teams needed for all the registered players to be placed on a team.  Some players are wait listed and may not be able to get on a team.  You may check on your player's status as shown below.  If your player is wait listed it is not final.  Some openings will be made and players from the wait list will be placed to fill any openings."

Not Enough Players
It may be that you want more players in your division to round out a team.  This can happen in the upper most divisions, such as U16 and U19.  If so, email the Chief Commissioner that you would like to keep your division open beyond the registration close date.  You might want to add a note to that affect to your parents, as well.

Parent Requests
You may be tempted to accommodate various requests from parents to adjust their players team assignment.  Experience has proven that you need to be cautious about this.  It can easily get out of hand.  Our policy, and what the parent agreed to when they signed up (written very clearly in the sign up forms), is that they may not get their preferences and they may not make special requests.  Once you start down the road of accommodating requests it's hard to resist some and allow others.  This can be seen as favoritism.  And every change in a roster affects other rosters as well.

Some parents hand-wrote instructions on player forms or volunteer forms, and mailed them in.  The registration instructions are very clear that the player forms are not to be mailed in, and any information written on them will be ignored.

Chief Commissioner email address:  chief@ayso26.org

Sample Email


At last, the rosters for our teams are now released and you can go online to see your coach, team and practice field assignments.  

Game schedules will be available soon.

Two copies of your player's form must be printed out, signed, and given to your coach at the first meeting or training session.  After logging in as explained below, use the left menu item Form Package.

Every attempt has been made to accommodate your preferences as indicated in your online registration form, but as you can imagine, trying to balance all the teams and meet all the preferences is not possible.

To go online and see your player's assignment goto:

Login using your Parent account

Click on the left menu Parent and Registration Status

Thank you for playing AYSO Soccer !

Have a great season !!